[iOS SDK] Zoom minimised view cannot overlap presented view controller's views and another window's views

Description :Zoom minimised view cannot overlap presented view controller’s views and another window’s views

SDK Version :

Reproducible Steps :

case 1:

  1. Minimize zoom meeting
  2. Present view controller from root view controller

case 2.

  1. Create new UIWindow (top) with level higher than default, and setup it’s rootviewcontroller as UINavigationController
  2. Set Zoom SDK root view controller (SetMobileRTCRootController) as this window’s (top) UINavigationController.
  3. Minimize meeting, and Present view controller from default window’s (bottom) view controller.

Expected result for both cases: minimised window displays over presented view controller
Actual result: presented view controller overlaps minimised zoom view

Video : link

Device Information : iPhone 12 (iOS 14.1). Seems like this problem reproduces for all iOS versions.

Seems like SetMobileRTCRootController method works only for non-minimized Meeting View Controller, but not work for minimized view. Maybe you have method for setup minimised view rootVC?

@sleushunou ,

Welcome to Zoom Developer Forum and sorry for the missed response. Are you seeing issues with minimized windows displaying over the presented view controller?

We are looking forward to hearing back from you.