Ios13 problem,when presentionViewController in Meeting

In IOS 13 beta, presentionViewController style in meeting changed, new presented viewcontroller can’t fully cover the old one

Which version?
ios 13 beta

To Reproduce(If applicable)
run app on ios 13 device

Hi water
please build with xcode10.X.

if you build with Xcode 11. you need set this for UIViewController :

self.modalPresentationStyle = UIModalPresentationFullScreen;

another, Xcode 11 is beta now, we do not support it.


For view controllers created by myself, i can set modalPresentationStyle, but for view controllers created in meeting by zoom sdk, can’t set modalPresentationStyle.

We don‘t support Xcode 11 now,

please build with Xcode 10.

if you build with xcode11,there is another issue maybe.


ok, thanks for your reply.

Welcome~Have a good day

Any fix yet? Seeing the same problem when presenting the meeting

Hi hendrik.seiler,

Thanks for the reply. This is not a change from our SDK. Starting in iOS 13, if the app is built by Xcode 11, the default modalPresentationStyle will be UIModalPresentationPageSheet, while on the older version, it will be UIModalPresentationFullScreen.

You may explicit the modal presentation style as self.modalPresentationStyle = UIModalPresentationFullScreen as Murray mentioned above. Or using Xcode 10 to build the app would also fix this issue.

Here are some references that could be helpful: