iPadOS Second Screen API support (external monitor / airplay)

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I often use my iPad in combination with an external monitor.
When I am in split screen my Zoom meeting gets pretty small and I would love to be able to use the screen real estate on my monitor for the Zoom meeting.

Describe the solution you’d like
I would like for Zoom to get support for the iOS / iPadOS Second Screen API to enable it to take over the entire external monitor.

I would imagine a solution similar to the one used in the Goodnotes app: Using Presentation Mode – GoodNotes Support
One could select if they want the screen to be mirrored normally or they could select a different mode where Zoom will take over the entire external display and show the participant video feeds or the screen of someone screen sharing in full screen.

That would allow the user to use Zoom in split screen and have it at the smallest width, to be able to use more of the iPad screen for a different app on the side, while having Zoom on the big monitor screen.
It would also allow for an iPhone to become a compact meeting device with a big screen in a pinch.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
I don‘t see a clear alternative to this behavior that does not include using some sort of second device.
I think this feature would be of great help to everyone working from an iPad.

Additional context
Second Screen API:

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I use zoom on iPad connected to the TV using the HDMI adapter, this just mirrors the iPad screen so doesn’t fill the whole TV. It would good if it was possible to output to the whole screen, like when you play a video, and have self view on the iPad screen so you’re not taking up space on the TV.