Is Ionic SDK still up?

This is a general question as we evaluate possibilities to build a mobile application using Zoom.
One of the options is to go with an hybrid solution using Ionic and of course Ionic Zoom SDK.

I have seen that the Ionic Zoom SDK is still running on top of v4 of the android / iOS SDKs. Therefore it’s not up to date and does not support iOS 14 and Android API level 30 for example. I’ve also seen some threads about Zoom API breaking changes, plus problems to publish on the Apple store without any reply of Zoom.

Looking at this part of the forum, it does not seems that a lot of people are using this SDK, or that Zoom have made this SDK one of its priorities.

Would you mind to tell me what are the pending and future plans about this Ionic SDK on Zoom’s team ?

It would be great for us to have an honest / transparent feedback so that we can evaluate this option versus native applications.

Thank you.

Hey @nvivot,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

The ionic SDK is still available. However, it is not maintained as diligently as the native SDK’s. Zoom will continue to support this SDK. I understand it is not up to date, I will keep you updated if anything changes.


I see.

Since the related github project seems to be community style, not much updated + restricted to Angular only, we won’t consider Ionic Zoom SDK as a doable option.

Thank you for your reply.

Hey @nvivot,

I am sorry this is not a viable option for you. Please let us know if you have any other questions in the future.



I would like to have access to the Ionic Zoom SDK code. (it’s a community project right?)
I’ve read on the github project that we have to contact you if we are interested in participating. Could i ?

My goals are:

  • learn a bit more about zoom & ionic integration.
  • verify the status of this project to know if it’s still a viable option (or not) - i want to give it a try after all.
  • if we go with that option, i will definitely participate so i need to see the sources first to get an idea.