Is it possible to access a zoom meeting's video data?

Got it, will do, and thanks again for going the extra mile, Will. I’ll let you know if it works for us!

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@Jonaskinny, Please do!!

Sorry I neglected to circle back with you Will. Using the solution on the Desktop SDK I was able to validate the desired behavior. Thanks again to you and the Team!

Awesome—I’m glad to hear it worked out for you @Jonaskinny! :100:


@tommy is now the “fully customizable SDK” here replacing the “partnership” you mentioned before? In the research lab I work at, we need to have access to raw audio and video

If not, how to go about requesting an overview of the SDK and its capabilities? “request a demo” on Zoom?

Thanks much

Hey @graffa,

The Fully Customizable SDK is a new product which gives you control of the audio and video streams so you can build your own, custom, frontend. This is seperate from the partnership I was speaking about with the Mobile and Desktop Native SDKs.

Does that clear things up?


@tommy thank you.

So if I understand you correctly, if I want to build a custom web-based interface on top of Zoom, I can use the Fully Customizable SDK

The partnership is for building mobile and desktop/Windows applications.

In both cases, I will have access to audio and video streams.

Please confirm.

Thanks a bunch!

Hi @graffa,

You’ve understood correctly. Let us know if you still have questions!


Hello, I am working for a streaming company since COVID 19. We use Zoom and stream via OBS Studio. I am looking for some options on how can I get any participant video and audio separated from another and export it to OBS. Can I use some of your APIs? It is ok for me to build some app to be used only to get video and audio for every participant (it does not need to be separated) and send it to obs. Can you please help me? If already have any app in the marketplace will be great. I was checking custom service but I am not sure is it possible. So…

Hi @stelianraev,

Thanks for reaching out about this. I might recommend utilizing our Cloud Recording functionality:

If you enable this for your meetings, you can then retrieve the video and audio files afterwards via API:

It sounds like you also considered our Custom Live Streaming functionality, which could be another option:

Let me know if this helps,

You don’t understand me! We make a realtime stream using zooms. Just now the configuration uses a lot of laptops. I just asking can I reach every video and audio output from a SINGLE room meeting? For example:
We have a meeting with Bob, Tot, Ellie, Billie and me. I want to grab every audio and video output and send it to OBS like SINGLE INPUT there to have a perfect quality picture, good sound. Some app or some way where I can manage every participant source output to my stream and show is like separated from another

Hey @stelianraev,

Thank you for providing more information on what you’re looking to do. Just to confirm, you’re looking for near real-time access to the raw video data, is that correct? If so, the best option is likely our new Fully Customizable SDK. Please review our documentation and contact us here about access if you’re interested is using it.


Thank you, staff, for all your help, you guys are actually very useful.

I came here looking for a way to find a real time way to access meetings’ video feed (audio would be ideal) on my backend (frontend being my zoom marketplace app, theoretically speaking), and it’s my understanding I can use GET /livestream to do that? Is that correct? I am connecting to a RTMP server as an RTMP client? Is the stream address predefined or do i somehow pick it (I’m asking because i noticed the PATCH /livestream endpoint)?

My idea is: I publish an app to your marketplace, the app uses the video feed on my server for backend analytics, delivered in (near) real time via my marketplace app? Is that possible?

Thank you so much, you guys are awesome.


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Hey @Skopac,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. I’m glad to hear that we’ve been helpful, I hope to continue that trend!

Yes, you can use a custom streaming service with the Zoom Livestream functionality in order to stream the meeting to your server. You can use the Update a Livestream API to set the stream URL and stream Key. Then, you can use the Update a Livestream Status API.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi, Tommy:

Will Zoom API be able to access and stream the video (not audio) of the login user for analysis?



Hey @juliexie2007,

We don’t have any APIs or Client SDKs that provide access to raw audio or video. While we do offer our Video SDK for this, it is separate from Zoom Meetings.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Se considera integrar NDI?

Hey @sepilveda,

I’m not sure I understand your question, are you able to elaborate on what you mean?


Hi Tommy!

You said in this post about a year ago that real-time Zoom video streams are not separated by participant. Is that still the case? I have a use case that would really need to access videos by individual participants, whether in real time or Zoom recordings.

For your reference, I have a post describing my use case in more detail here: Obtaining video streams of individual participants in a Zoom meeting?

I would really appreciate your response!


Hi @vzhang1,

While we hope to support this in the future, it is still the case that streams are for all participants and not separated by participant.

Thank you,