Is it possible to access a zoom meeting's video data?


Let me know if this post from Tommy helps:

I believe this might be what you’re lookin for!

Got it, will do, and thanks again for going the extra mile, Will. I’ll let you know if it works for us!

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@Jonaskinny, Please do!!

Sorry I neglected to circle back with you Will. Using the solution on the Desktop SDK I was able to validate the desired behavior. Thanks again to you and the Team!

Awesome—I’m glad to hear it worked out for you @Jonaskinny! :100:


@tommy is now the “fully customizable SDK” here replacing the “partnership” you mentioned before? In the research lab I work at, we need to have access to raw audio and video

If not, how to go about requesting an overview of the SDK and its capabilities? “request a demo” on Zoom?

Thanks much

Hey @graffa,

The Fully Customizable SDK is a new product which gives you control of the audio and video streams so you can build your own, custom, frontend. This is seperate from the partnership I was speaking about with the Mobile and Desktop Native SDKs.

Does that clear things up?


@tommy thank you.

So if I understand you correctly, if I want to build a custom web-based interface on top of Zoom, I can use the Fully Customizable SDK

The partnership is for building mobile and desktop/Windows applications.

In both cases, I will have access to audio and video streams.

Please confirm.

Thanks a bunch!

Hi @graffa,

You’ve understood correctly. Let us know if you still have questions!