Is it possible to create on demand meetings for other users?

I want to create a service like, where you make an event for a date (zoom meeting for that date via API), and then people join via join_url on there when the date arrives.
But I have some problems when starting that meeting, because the user that created the event on my website, is not a user on my account, so he can’t start the meeting. I can’t even add him to my account as he doesn’t have a premium account so I can’t add alternative hosts on the meeting via API.
So how are they ( and other platforms) doing this? They create rooms for people but they don’t start them but the event creator on their platform does.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

I’ve been investigating and I realized that ‘start_url’ from the meeting creation response should not be shared with anyone but the host to start the meeting because anyone with that link could start the meeting.
But I’m trying to start the meeting with the start_url along the zak token, with another account, and it will force me to log in and will throw a ‘No permission. (200)’ because I’m not the user who created that meeting.
How am I supposed to start a meeting with another account using the start_url + zak token?

Hey @mursang,

Great question, and happy to clarify. To that end, this is definitely possible—let me point you in the right direction.

If you wish to create a Zoom meeting on behalf of another user who is not under your account, you’ll need to utilize an OAuth app, rather than JWT. (JWT apps work for actions within your own account, not outside of it).

You can find our guide for getting started with OAuth here:

You may also find this other post on our dev forum helpful, as it covers a similar topic:

I hope this helps!

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