Is it possible to encode email address in meeting join url?

I am expecting to hold a large meeting with hundreds of people and I am planning to breakout them into small groups during some sessions. Since there will be a lot of attendees, I would like to pre-assign breakout room in advance. In order to do that, I need to import a CSV file with room name and email address.

So my question is: is there any way to encode the email information to the meeting url so that I can identify the attendees email address when they join? Otherwise, I guess the pre-assign room won’t work

I searched this forum and found you can do that with user names:{MeetingID}/join?prefer=1&un={Base64EncodedUsername}

Is this possible to add something like &email={SomeEncodedEmail} to this url? Is there any document or reference page for all the parameters you can attach after the /join url?

It seems I can enable the registration for the meeting and get a join_url from there. But we already use our own registration form in our own website and we do not want attendees to fill out another form. Of course we can call Zoom API to get the join_url but that would be much more complicated. Also, once registration is enabled, one cannot join through web client, they have to download and install zoom. That might be a problem with us too.

So, in short, is there any way to pre-assign breakout room without going through registration? Thanks!

Hey @coolmoon,

I suggest implementing the Add Meeting Registrant endpoint with your existing form logic so the users fill out one form and also get registered for the Zoom meeting / webinar.

Unless the users are users in your Zoom account, then no way to do this without registration.