Is it possible to prevent activating screensaver during webinar on Zoom SDK?

Hello, thanks for confirming my question.

Does the zoom sdk have a features or settings that prevents the screen saver when attending a webinar?

We are using the zoom sdk embedded on our website, mainly on the chrome browser on windows 10.

If a webinar participant is just watching a webinar on our website and not using a mouse or keyboard for a while, a screen saver will be activated based on the settings in windows.

We would like to prevent the screen saver from running during the webinar if zoom sdk have proper features or settings.

Web Meeting SDK version:


  • Device: [dynabook RZ63/HS]
  • OS: [Windows 10 Pro]
  • Browser: [Chrome]
  • Browser Version [104.0.5112.102 (64bit)]

the zoom web api does not have such a function

you have to integrate it yourself

all browsers turn off the screen saver if video is playing, so you have to add a small silent, looping and playing video to the zoom page out of the visible area*


*all at your own risk!


Thank you very much for answering our question!
We will try the solution you gave us.

Thank you for sharing your insight, @j.schoenemeyer!

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Thank you very much for giving such information
I have never done this before, But will test now

@alvaromathis30 and @1stsebt ,

Glad to hear and see that @j.schoenemeyer insight was valuable. We appreciate you taking the time to post and commune in the Zoom Developer Forum.

Happy coding!

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