Is it possible to sort a user list query for last_login_time?

Hi Team, my apologies in advance as I’m very new to this. Hopefully I’m reaching out to the correct channel.

I was looking to sort my query result with last login time to see if I can get all users that has not logged-in for more than 90 days.

No error, it just gives me unfiltered results

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Running on postman, tried“2022-10-13T21:38:25Z” using JWT token

@aconsunji I don’t believe we have query parameters to sort the request by login time. However, last_login_time is a field returned by the api so you could easily sort the result once you fetch it.

Thank you Brandon! Can I at least make a query for licensed users?

@aconsunji for the list users endpoint, you can filter on user status (active, inactive, pending) or role id. We have a get user summary API to check how many licensed/unlicensed users you have in your account.