Is it possible to stream video signal into zoom?


we are using OBS Software in which we do video production for live events. We switch between scenes etc…and we are checking if its possible to stream this video signal into zoom webinar? We saw the ability to share the second camera and we tried to bring this video signal into the second camera but no luck. So, is there any way to send a video signal into zoom?

Hi @goran,

Can you please elaborate your usecase with more details, and provide specific examples of what you are looking to achieve ?


Hi @ojus.zoom,

we are hosting live streams, where users can join in and watch it. Kinda what the youtube or twitch is doing. We are using OBS software -> which allows us to have multiple scenes and easily switch between them. One scene can be one camera where person is presenting, the other scene can be video playing. OBS then outputs this video where we define. We are looking into outputing the video to the zoom, so streaming back to zoom.

Hi @goran,

Thank you for sending the details.

Your issue is related more towards customer support. Do you mind sending an email to with the above details, so that they can provide you with specific recommendations.


Any Solution?
I have the same problem. I use OBS and Black Magic Mini Recorder.

Hey @esdrasrocha,

For questions unrelated to the Zoom Marketplace Platform please reach out to


Hi @goran I have almost the same situation, did you get news or solution in your side? thanks

Hey @communications, if you still have questions surrounding this topic, we recommend reaching out to, as they’ll be best suited to assist with this kind of question!