Zoom custom live stream to OBS streaming software


I want to stream Live with my Zoom Pro account through Custom Streaming Service

Zoom requires me to input Streaming URL RTMP and Streamkey.

(IMAGE: Screenshot 2022-11-02 000831.png - Google Drive)

I want to pick from this output and get the input to OBS streaming software.

OBS doesn’t produce RTMP input that I could insert to Zoom custom streaming page

(I think this is like having two Female cables right now)

How do I create a virtual RTMP to insert to Zoom to get the direct Zoom Feed to my OBS streaming software?

What would be the best solution?

@primoz Thanks for reaching out!

That’s a great way to think about this. When configured correctly, both Zoom and OBS produce video for consumption by an RTMP server. However, there are a couple of options for getting these two pieces of software working together.

OBS Screen Capture

Using a Display Capture or Window Capture source you can add Zoom to your OBS scene and then stream to your service.

OBS Virtual Camera

You can use your OBS scene as a custom camera in Zoom. You can now stream your OBS content as your Zoom user.

I hope that helps!