Is it possible to write an app that customizes a participant's display panel in a meeting?

I’m looking for a way to augment information on a participant’s display panel in a meeting.
e.g. instead of just displaying their name, also display their location, department name, manager, etc (all taken from an external HR database)

I’m new to the app ecosystem here. Any quick pointers to a similar app or relevant API (I looked briefly, the API seems more concerned about meeting management) would be appreciated.


Hey @a4a4f6 , welcome! I’d recommend creating a Zoom App to achieve this. Zoom Apps are web applications that run inside the Zoom desktop/mobile client. The app would not be able to change the display names in the participant view, but the web app would have access to participant information and would be able to render/display that information within an in-app browser.

To get started with Zoom Apps, I’d start at the Zoom Apps docs, and checkout the reference apps.

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