Is macOS Fully Customizable SDK available?

I see that the web page for macOS Fully Customizable SDK is present, but no where in the forum or the main Fully Customizable SDKs shows that it is available. Just wondering if the macOS Fully Customizable SDK is available for use? If so, how do I learn more about getting access to it. Thank you!

Which version?

Hi @m.zhang, thanks for the post.

The Fully Customizable SDK is available on macOS. In order to get started, please fill out the interest form available here.


Hi @jon.lieblich ,

Is the sample app that comes with the Fully Customizable SDK in Swift? If you know, how long does the processing of the interest form take? Thanks!

Hi @m.zhang,

The sample app is not written in Swift, but our documentation is available in both Swift and Objective-C.

Unfortunately I do not have precise information available on processing times for the interest form, but we are hoping to move to a self-serve process next month.


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