Where can I download the Fully Customizable SDK?

I would like to use the Fully Customizable SDK.
Where can I download the SDK? I would like to know both IOS and Android.

Hi @mvp-developer, thanks for using the dev forum.

The Fully Customizable SDK is not yet available for public use, but we are planning on beginning our rollout very soon! If you would like to be contacted when this happens, please sign up here.


Thanks jon!
I have additional questions.
I registered the information from the link you introduced.
You told me that this SDK isn’t open to the public, but will it work together a few days after you register?
Or will the SDK be available in the months ahead, with no one available yet?

Hi @mvp-developer,

The SDK will be available very soon, but for now you will need to wait to be contacted before you may begin integrating it in your own project. The exact timing of this will vary between customers, but it should be a shorter wait time than “months ahead”. :slightly_smiling_face: