Is Recording UUID from RecordingCompletedWebook the same as Meeting UUID

Is the Recording UUID which the Recording Completed Webhook return back at the top level (not at the individual file level in the array) the SAME as the Meeting UUID which represents an instance of a meeting?

It would make sense if it does since it seems like all the recordings in a particular instance are “packaged up” into a single share url if I understand correctly.

We want to be able to connect a single meeting start/end session to the recording that came from it.

The recording started webhook uses the language: identifier for the meeting instance as the uuid description.

But the recording ended and recording completed uuid description uses the language identifier for the recording for the uuid description.

We are hoping these are referring to the same UUID - that of the meeting instance. Is this correct?

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Hi @AAhmedPerdoceo Meeting UUIDs and Recording UUIDs are not the same, as one meeting occurrence can have multiple periods of recording (start/stop recording) with unique files.

How do I know that any given recording that comes from a Recording Webhook call, is associated with a given meeting UUID? How can I associate the two?

Once I get this, I want to associate it internally to the meeting UUID that it was part of. Is there a way to do this?

Hey @AAhmedPerdoceo,

The UUID is actually the meeting UUID.

@shrijana.g can you please update the docs?



Thanks for letting me know, Tommy! I have updated this.

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