Is the WebSDK correct for my application?

I’m developing a web-based social gathering environment and would like the ability of friends on a page to be able to view webcam feeds instead of traditional static avatars.(up to nine people interacting on one “page”).

Is this possible utilizing the WebSDK? Since all the people on the page know each other, could one of them use their Zoom account and have the others connect in the form of a video conference but displayed in, what is in essence, a custom layout?

I know other 3rd party providers like CometChat charge the dev on a per-minute video use basis which doesn’t work for my model due how quickly that adds up with multiple people.

The idea of no licensing fees for a small start-up to be able to integrate video chat into their web application is attractive and I just want to make sure I understand the parameters.

Am I viewing this correctly?


Hey @PaulW,

Currently the Zoom Web SDK does not support custom layouts.

Pricing of the Web SDK is per host: