Zoom Web SDK Questions

Hi there,

I have been thinking about using the Zoom Web SDK to integrate Zoom with a website but I had some questions.

I have read that the Zoom Web SDK encodes at a maximum resolution of 360p. Is there any indication that this will be increased to 720p or 1080p anytime soon as this does seem particularly low quality?

Do you have to pay an additional fee to use the Zoom Web SDK or would this only apply if I wanted to make and publish an app for other businesses to use rather than just a smaller system for our own organization?

Finally is it possible using the Zoom SDK to pull any of the individual elements of a Zoom Meeting/Webinar such as the chat or Q&A out into their own elements on a web page or do you always have to embed the whole meeting as its own element?

Hey @roperjonathan,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. That’s correct that currently the Web SDK can only encode in 360p. We do plan to improve this in the near future.

The Web SDK is free to use with a pro plan or higher. We don’t charge anything outside of the typical account licensing costs.

Currently, you’ll want to use our APIs to obtain that information and display it on the page. We plan to release a version of the Web SDK in the future that allows you customize the UI.


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