Is then amd ryzen 3 user will have their availability to get virtual background without greenscreen

Hello there, can i have a request for zoom next update? That is a support for user amd ryzen 3 to get their virtual background without greenscreen.
I knew it writen that it must be amd ryzen 5 or above. But, there is amd ryzen 3 5300u that has 2.5 Ghz clockspeed that equal to intel core i5. So i think, amd ryzen 3 that have clockspeed above 2 ghz is fairly enough for using using virtual background without greenscreen.
This will make amd user like me happy that they knew their laptop was compatible for it. And i believe this will be impactfull. Hope zoom will be improved an be the best meeting platform

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I have the same problem and im furious.