Is there a way that I can ensure that all Phone webhook events are being generated

We have an application that tracks the status of active calls. We are subscribing to all of the ringing, connected, rejected, and ended phone events and tracking the status of the call through the lifecycle. At the end of the call we use the Call Log Completed events to generate a record of the call log. The problem is that somehow we’re ending up with records in both locations. In other words, we’re getting active calls “stranded” in either a ringing or answered state, but the end of the call is not getting received, for some reason. We’re receiving no errors in our logs so it appears that certain events are not getting generated. Is there a way, using the call id, or any other method, that we can ensure that all of the events are getting sent and/or what data that event contained? Or, is there perhaps other events that we’re not subscribing to that would result from a call ending?

No errors are getting generated, that I can tell.

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Hi @shawn.broadhead,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and happy to help out.

First, I should note that for instances where you’re not receiving events as expected, there’s not a way to manually query whether an event was successfully triggered from your end, but we can help to verify this for you from our end.

To clarify, in instances where you’re not receiving events for the end of a call, you’re not receiving either the phone.callee_ended or the phone.caller_ended events—but you are receiving events for the answered, connected, etc. actions?

It sounds like this is the case, but want to confirm. If so, can you send some additional details to us at so that we can look into these events further for you? Please share some example calls, the email address of the Webhook app owner, and the approximate times.

Thank you!

Thank you for your response. After putting further logs into our event handlers, what is happening is that we’re sometimes receiving events in what would appear to be out of order. In other words, we can receive a “connected” event before we receive the “ringing” event, for example. Our development did not account for this possibility. We are going to do some development on our end to take this into account and I will follow up with you if we are still having issues. However, if you can confirm that this is an expected possibility I would appreciate it.

Hi @shawn.broadhead,

Ah, I see—thank you for clarifying.

I can confirm that this is an expected possibility. While webhooks will generally come in the order in which the events took place, this is not a guarantee.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have further questions about any of this!

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