Only receiving certain webhooks

Hi there,

I am developing an Oauth2 Webhook application. I have added several phone.x events to my webhook subscription, however the only ones which appear to fire are phone.callee_call_log_completed and caller_call_log_completed.

As an example, I have subscribed to all phone.warm_transfer related events, however when initiating / completing a warm transfer, I receive not warm_transfer events in my webhook.

This is all via the development event notification endpoint, using ngrok.

Looking into this. Can you please send the call log id and client id for the app you’re using for the webhook events via the private message?

You’ll see a notification for the message for you to respond. Thanks!

Hi Gianni, have PM’d you. Thanks.

Ensure that you’ve correctly subscribed to the specific phone events related to warm transfers within your OAuth2 application. Double-check the subscription parameters, including the event types, filters, and configurations to verify if they are set correctly.