Is there a way to manage dummy accounts to simulate users interacting?


I am new to working with the Zoom API and I am thinking about what my development and testing process might look like.

Is there a way to make dummy accounts?

Normally this kind of thing is specifically forbidden because it’s basically asking for a way to spam. But I have two goals in mind.

  1. Familiarize myself with how zoom works. - for this I could probably make a few accounts manually, but it’d be nice if I didn’t have to.
  2. Automated testing - once I start working on my apps, I’d like some way to run an automated test suite that would involve some actual usage of zoom. It’s be nice if some of the unit tests could actually work with the zoom API but at the very least, I’d want integration tests and e2e tests. It would be a pain if every developer who wanted to run the test suite had to manually make a bunch of accounts.

Best practices for testing

How do you test without running afoul of rate limits and anti-spam? Is there some testing framework for zoom that’s already made? What other good practices have you come up with in your process?

Hi @person93,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question.

While I can appreciate your testing use case, I should clarify that we don’t support this kind of automation of dummy accounts. If you wish to simulate this experience, you will need to manually create some test accounts. I might recommend creating a few basic/free accounts for testing purposes, to get started.

Let me know if you have any additional questions I can assist with.


Do I need to be concerned about this kind of use being flagged as abuse?

Hi @person93,

You shouldn’t run into any issue with manually creating accounts like this, but it’s a good question!


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