Zoom developer sandbox

I am developing a JWT app and at this stage do not want to purchase $1000s worth of licenses just to test my code. Do you have a sandbox environment, or could you issue free licenses and packages that I can assign/unassign/reassign to dummy users. I do not need the users to be able to login to the system or use actual resources just the ability to build a pseudo company that I can provision through my app.


Hi @simonshaw,

At this time, I’m afraid we do not offer dedicated testing environments or free trials for accessing our APIs—this means that you will need to have the corresponding account type/plan to be able to test certain functionalities and endpoints. I realize this can make certain testing difficult, and this is something we hope to support in the future.

If you’re primarily testing, you might consider getting a limited amount of licenses and then cancelling after if you find you don’t need it.

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Not the answer I was hoping for, but thanks anyway

Thats a big barrier to entry on trying out a new idea or experimenting with adding zoom features to your existing product. Shame really… but there are other options.

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This is a very disappointing answer. We make software for our users and do not use Zoom ourselves. I understand providing a sandbox environment could mean significant infrastructure changes but perhaps offering some limited accounts for approved developers could be an option (such account do not need to be functional beyond the API endpoints)? I can assure you that $1000/year is not an option for us to be able to develop and test our Zoom integration. While our Zoom integration benefits our customers it also greatly benefits the Zoom ecosystem and thus another selling point for Zoom. Requiring payment to receive such a benefit is quite disrespectful to the developer community.

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Thanks for your feedback, everyone.

While we don’t have a dedicated testing environment at this time, this is something we hope to support in the future, and can certainly appreciate the value in offering this.