Is there an API endpoint where I can find out if a user is online?

So I have an app that is using the OAuth flow. We get the user to give us permission to certain scopes that we have specified in a Meeting SDK app. I am able to get the user’s settings as well as user’s general Zoom data(I am using the me context). I can see the PMI data(which is how we want the users to use their Zoom), but I cannot see a place the may tell me when I am online. I would like to have a feature so I can display when a user is going “live”.

For context, our app allows user to have “live events”, which uses Zoom as their way to livestream it. So it would be nice to have a feature so, when someone is livestreaming an event, to have the ability to show that they are “live”

Nevermind, I have found a solution. For anyone that might come across this situation, I used the API for getting a meeting


In that endpoint, I can pass a parameter to get only the live meetings. So basically, if there are no meetings being live, it will come back empty. This can help me specify what type of user is “live”