Is there an event dispatched when being admitted from the waiting room?

It would be very helpful if there was a way to listen for an event when being admitted from the waiting room, and let into the meeting.

Is there a way to listen for something like an onUserIsAdmittedFromWaitingRoom or similar?

Currently there is an event onUserIsInWaitingRoom, but that only fires when joining the meeting, or if put “on hold” into the waiting room after being in the meeting.

Which Web Client SDK version?

Hey @daniel2,

Good question—while this event isn’t a method in our SDK, have you considered our webhook for Participant Admitted (from Waiting Room)?


Thank you for your suggestion, @will.zoom. I had not thought of that.

But, that would require me to rebuild the architecture of my entire app, to be able to listen for webhooks. I would also have to register another developer app in the Marketplace in order to use that feature.

So no, that’s not an option, unfortunately.
What I need is a client-side event listener.

It shouldn’t be that difficult to implement on your end. You have access to all the logic involved, so just fire an event while you’re at it, I suppose

Hi @daniel2,

Thanks for the reply and for confirming. And understood—we will explore this functionality. In the meantime, I’d encourage you to submit a feature request for this here as well: #feature-requests


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