Is there any limit on some account type?

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s){userId}/meetings

Is there any limited account type when create meetings with OAuth2 app (meetings api)?
Bc only the specific account could not create meetings with OAuth2 app(meetings api).
Other general account could create meetings same way.

400 Bad Request from POST{userId}/meetings

Hi @zin
Thanks for reaching out to us.
What do you mean by limited account type? you should be able to create meetings via API with any account type.

The only limitation for meeting creation is 100 request per day

I am inquiring because I am seeing a 400 error in API requests only for a specific account.

Is it possible to restrict the creation of meetings through the API to only a specific user within an organization (group) account?

Hi @zin
I do not think so.
If the member is part of your account there should not be an issue.
Could you share with me the entire error you are getting?

Hi @elisa.zoom !
That bad request error occured on the other account which is not part of my account.

Mostly accounts which connected with our Zoom App can create meetings successfully with API in our server logic.
But only one account got a bad request error.

Thanks for confirming this @zin
The error you are seeing is expected. The user has to be part of your account.
Hope this helps,

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Hi @elisa.zoom
Sorry, I can not understand.

For example, I connected with our Zoom App (Sendtime) below accounts in our service.

  1. Our service account: <> Zoom account:
  2. Our service account: <> Zoom account:
  3. Our service account: <> Zoom account:

Both of point 1 and 2 could create zoom meetings with api in our service.
The zoom account is not a part of zoom account

But in case point 3, when user try to create zoom meetings in our service, the 400 error occured from zoom:
400 Bad Request from POST{userId}/meetings

Hi @zin
Thanks for sharing more details with me! This is very helpful
So, can you confirm that the account authorize your app Sendtime but are not able to create meetings with it?

Hi @elisa.zoom !
Yes, thats right…!!

I will go ahead and send you a private message so you can share with me some more information

Updating this thread for developers facing a similar issue in the future.
The issue was found in the Request Body that was sent to the Create meeting endpoint.
The topic field had more than 200 characters which is the limit, according to our Docs.