Is there any way to increase efficiency with the desktop zoom GUI?

Hello, I’m very new to this and I’m hoping this is the right place to ask :slight_smile: . What I want to know is if there is any way to interact with the zoom GUI controls in a programmatic way.
For example, right now to screenshare windows A B and E I press a shortcut to open the screen share selection window and then I have to click the windows that I want to share and then click the “share” button. I would like to know if this can instead be achieved with the press of a button using some kind of script or API.
Another example might be to annotate with a pencil of a certain color right now I have to click “Annotate” then “Format” then the color that I want. It would be incredibly helpful if there were any way I could do this without clicking. Thanks in advance.

Hi @sinnonwerry ,

I’ll take a look at our product roadmap, but in the interim if it is not in the pipeline it would be a great #feature-requests !


Hi Gianni. So I was trying to do a different post about this in feature requests but put it in api webhooks by accident. So I deleted the post in made there and tried to put it in feature requests but now it won’t let me. I think it’s because it’s too similar to the deleted post I made. You see what I’m saying? Is there anything I can do to rectify this?

@sinnonwerry , I just changed it :slight_smile: