Zoom integration to Control systems GUI


Hi all,

to those that have started down this road already, at our University we have hundreds of rooms that have our custom GUI on our Crestron control systems. We now have almost 100 ZOom rooms (with the Zoom room GUI, mostly on iPads). We would LOVE it if crestron released a Zoom smart graphics app to drop into our control systems but alas it does not seem to be worked on at all.

How have others tacked this? The only other option I see is trying to closely match the Zoom GUI and use the ZR-CSAPI, but doing so in the past trying to replicate a GUI is never a good idea, but at this point to have the same GUI I don’t see much choice.

Anyone trying to do as such? What have you learnt?


I thought they released a GUI kit when they released the Mercury?


you can put the Zoom GUI on the mercury and the TSW series, but it’s not native creston (that is you can not change it at all, or even open it in VT-Pro-e). Essentially it is locked, so for example I can not add custom mics to mute or gain individually, or control lighting etc.

We have custom programming for our teaching spaces and it works great, we then basically want the Zoom GUI integrated into that so teaching spaces Zoom control looks (and works) the same as our meeting rooms with the native Zoom GUI.

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