Issue alert Webhook to Teams

We have set up quality of Service controls on zoom dashboard. But we can´t seem to receive any webhooks from zoom on our Microsoft teams incoming webhook. Teams works fine with other incoming webhooks. Zoom side is reporting error 400:

To keep it simple, we just want to receive notifications on our Microsoft teams support team. We could do just with some email notification from zoom alerting on quality issues, but we can´t seem to find this type of notification for the whole account (it´s only available for specific assistants/rooms)

We can see the errors in Webhook Logs:

Can you please assist?

Thanks for your support

Hi @joseignacio.garcia,

Thank you for reaching out about this.

To clarify, are you currently subscribed to this Webhook?

Were you successfully receiving these webhooks in the past, or have you never been able to receive them? If you can provide some example Meeting IDs where these alerts should have been triggered but weren’t, this will help me to take a closer look.


Hi Will,

We have enabled the event and have all the prerequisites.

We create a new Webhook Only app and subscribed to the event “meeting alert”.

Thank you for your support.


Hi @joseignacio.garcia,

Thank you for confirming. I just DM’d you for some account details. Please reply back when you have a chance.


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