Meeting Alert Webhook

I am attempting to set up a webhook to view Zoom Meeting Issues. I have configured the event and correctly subscribed to the webhook, however no data comes through on the webhook. Even when forcefully triggering a Meeting Issue.

No data is coming through the webhook event

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
Meeting Alert

Additional context
We have a business plan

Hey @jonathan.peirce,

What is your endpoint url? Are you seeing the webhooks sent in the logs?


nothing in the logs. subscribed to “Meeting Alerts”

Hey @jonathan.peirce,

Thanks for sharing these. Can you send me a screenshot of the Event Type you added?

Also how are you triggering the meeting alert?


I have tried multiple ways to trigger the alert. I used a networking tool to simulate an unstable connection, that triggers the alert on my screen, but this does not go through in the Webhook logs.

In general, we should have multiple users with alerts throughout any given day, but nothing is firing off.

Hey @jonathan.peirce just to verify here - is this app installed by a user? This would be a requirement to receiving user (or account-level) data.

The WebHook App? I created the WebHook app. It states Account-level app