Issue in fetching report of "All past meetings" through "/report/users/{userId}/meetings" API

API Endpoint: /report/users/{userId}/meetings (GET)

Link to the API Endpoint: Zoom Meeting API

Description: Not able to fetch all past meetings through the above API, we need to fetch all the past meetings, be it “Hosted”, “Joined” or “Not Joined”.
When the above API is used with the query parameter “type=past”, we are not getting the meetings where the user was “invited but did not join & the meeting that the user joined”, we are only getting the meetings which the user has “Hosted”.

Although, by sending “type=pastJoined”, we are getting user’s “Hosted” & “Joined” meetings.

Our main concern is that we are not able to get meetings where the user was invited but did not join.

How To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behaviour:

*1. Request details:

Request URL:*

Headers: Authorization: Bearer ${accessToken}, (accessToken is having the scope: report:read:admin & other required scopes.

Body: No body as it is a GET call.

2. Account level app having scope: report:read:admin as well as other scopes that are required by our app.

3. No errors but not getting joined & not joined meetings