Issue with Adding Panelist and Registrant for Webinar

I’m encountering an issue while integrating our system with Zoom’s APIs. Specifically, we’re facing difficulties when attempting to add a participant both as a panelist and as a registrant for a webinar.

Here’s the problem:

When we make API requests to first add a participant as a panelist using the webinarPanelistCreate endpoint (Zoom Meeting API), and then immediately attempt to add the same participant as a registrant using the webinarRegistrantCreate endpoint ( Zoom Meeting API), we receive the following error response:

“code”: 3000,
“message”: “You have been invited as a panelist for the webinar, please check your email to find more information about this webinar.”

It seems that the participant is recognized as already invited as a panelist, preventing us from adding them as a registrant as well.

Our use case requires certain participants to fulfill both roles, serving as both panelists and registrants for our webinars. However, the current behavior of the API prevents us from achieving this seamlessly. This use case was working before.

We kindly request assistance in resolving this issue as soon as possible, as it is critical for the functionality of our system.

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I’m following up on my previous post about adding panelist and registrant for webinar. Has anyone experienced similar issues or have any insights on why this might be happening?