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We have people registering for a webinar. We need everyone that is registered to be able to share their camera. From what I read, they need to be a panelist. I also understand that the moderator needs to enable this one at a time for each registrant?

Can we add people as a Panelist before the Webinar with the API? In other words, can I run a job that Lists all Registrants. Then take their name and email and update them to a Panelist? Or is a Panelist a different record type that a Registrant and that needs to be created and replace the registration? What would be the best method of changing all registered uses to a Panelist? Right now, we have hundreds of people attending and need to be able to see them in the Webinar at times. Updating them one at a time in the UI is not feasible.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
GET /webinars/{webinarId}/registrants
POST /webinars/{webinarId}/panelists



Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. I’ll note that making every participant a panelist circumvents the useful features of a Webinar.

If you want each registrant to be able to share their camera, I recommend using a Meeting which by default will allow participants to share video if necessary without being promoted to a higher level of access such as a panelist.

Would using a meeting instead of a webinar work for your use case?


I guess the issue is Webinars allow reporting based on attendance to the minute. There are other elements that are not in meetings that are in Webinars from what I understand. Is it not possible to promote a webinar registrant to panelist through the API?


I see, thank you for expanding on that. There isn’t a method via the API to change a registrant to a panelist. Instead, they would want to join with the new unique join_url provided by the Add Panelists API.

If there are webinar features you would like to see within meetings, you can reach out via our Feedback Form or directly to our Support Team.


Ok, thanks for the clarification. So any time we want to have a webinar where registrants are added as panelists, we need to create an invitation based on the Add Panelist API url? Can you point me to an example of what that may look like?


Correct. Here’s an example of the request schema for adding a panelist. It can be accessed further at this link, the same one Max provided above:


I should clarify that the Add Panelists API doesn’t return a join_url, that’s my mistake. Instead an invitation email is sent out to panelists unless otherwise configured in the Web Portal Webinar settings or at the Account Settings level to set this for all webinars.


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So someone can (or has to) register for the Webinar and I can just update them as a Panelist with that format? I think that would work if that is the case?

@KCRAR yes, you should be able to add them as a panelist, even if they’re already registered. Let us know if you run into any issues.


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