Issue with Filtering Using Full Timestamp in Zoom GraphQL API

Hello everyone,

I’d like to discuss a potential issue we’ve been encountering with the Zoom GraphQL API. We’ve noticed that the API does not seem to support filtering using a full timestamp. When attempting to do so, the API provides logs for the entire given day rather than for the specific timestamp that was sent in the query. The issue is seen in activityLogs and operationLogsReports types.

The problem intensifies towards the end of the day. Given the volume of logs generated, the result is many pages of data. When our log puller begins to iterate through these pages, the API frequently responds with an error.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any insights, workarounds, or potential fixes would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for any guidance or suggestions.

Query that I use:

query ($after: String, $first: Int, $from: String, $to: String) {
    activityReport (
        after: $after,
        first: $first,
        from: $from,
        to: $to
    ) {
        activityLogs {
        pageInfo {


	"after": "",
	"first": 1,
	"from": "2023-10-10T12:30:11Z",
	"to": ""

Sample response:

	"data": {
		"activityReport": {
			"activityLogs": [
			"from": "2023-10-10",
			"pageInfo": {
				"cursor": "<redacted>",
				"hasNextPage": true
			"to": "2023-10-10"

Hey @ojus.zoom , I’m gonna try to take a look today, but flagging you just in case you’re able to look into this faster for this developer. Thanks!

Hey @gianni.zoom , thank you for looking into this. Do you have any update by chance? :pray:

Sorry I passed this on to my colleague @ojus.zoom – can you help here please :slight_smile:

Hi @pszwajkowski

Filtering is currently not available with Graphql

Thank you, @ojus.zoom, for your response. Do you mean that full timestamp filtering is not supported in Zoom’s GraphQL implementation at all? The documentation states that the from field can be used as a start date from which activity logs will be generated, but unfortunately it doesn’t support full timestamps. If this is the case, then I’m considering switching to the REST API.

@pszwajkowski This is correct… You can provide the time stamps in the format of YYYY-MM-DD, the time field will however not be accepted