Call Logs missing calls from /phone/call_logs when filtering by time_type=endTime

We are trying to use the GET /phone/call_logs, when we apply filtering using the time_type=endTime we are missing call logs compared to using time_type=startTime.

It appears that when a call is routed through a autoReceptionist or callQueue, the call log is missing a call_end_time within the accounts call log and is ignored by the filter.

I have been using postman to test the PhoneApi

To reproduce this,

  1. Make a call to a Call Queue ( Call Connected or No Answer, doesn’t make any difference )

  2. Using the PhoneApi GET /phone/call_logs with a filter time_type=endime - call log does not show call.

  3. Using the PhoneApi GET /phone/call_logs with a filter time_type=startTime - call log shows call.


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Hi @KerryJefferies
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Could you please confirm if you are still experiencing this issue?

yes this is a common occurance, we cannot use the PhoneApi to GetAccountsCallLogs and filter by time_type=endTime.

If the Json response does not contain the call_end_time, then the filter is not applied to the call logs.


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Thanks Kerry, I will send you a private message to share more information with you :slight_smile:

Do you mind sending this information along to me as well? We’re working on some integrations with the Zoom Phone API and have some similar concerns/questions regarding the lack of a call_end_time on call logs.

Hey @dfalter
I am trying to troubleshoot this first!
As soon as I have more information I will share it here with the community! :slight_smile:

Hey @elisa.zoom, sounds good! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help aid your troubleshooting efforts.

Thanks! I will reach out back to you if I need more information @dfalter

Hi all!!

I have reached out to our Engineering team and I am waiting to hear back from them about this issue (ZSEE-66199 internal ticket for reference)

I will update you shortly!

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Is there any update on this please.

Hi @KerryJefferies
Thank you for your patience while I worked on this issue.
It looks like for this specific scenario, there is a phone call that was forwarded.
For example, Someone called you and you forwarded the call. You may only know the start time of the call, but not the end time of the call. A single call has the potential to be forwarded to many people.

We currently do not have statistics on the end time of forwarded calls. So we searched according to “endTime” and could not find the forwarding call.

We are working on this issue, so we will be able to know the end time of forwarded calls and once this is done, you will be able to get forwarded calls by “endTime”

Hope this helps,

Thanks for helped the community
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