Issue with Setting Webinar Webhook using Zoho Flow URL on Event Subscriptions

Reaching out regarding an issue we’ve faced while attempting to set up a webhook using Zoho Flow’s URL on our Event Subscriptions. Despite our efforts, the Zoho Flow URL we entered in the Event Notification Endpoint URL field seems to have failed to function properly.

Webhook URL :

Zoom Webinar - Webhook validation image

We’ve thoroughly reviewed our setup process and configurations, yet we’re experiencing difficulties with the integration between Zoom’s Event Subscriptions and Zoho Flow. Kindly assist us in understanding why this issue might be occurring and provide any possible workarounds or solutions to resolve this matter.

Hi @anisha
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
Unfortunately, as we are not the developer for the Zoho integration you are using, we are not able to troubleshoot this on our end.
Please reach out directly to their developer support team about this issue.

Hi Elisa,


Thanks for your prompt response. Kindly let us know how to reach out to the Zoom Development team.

Thanks & Regards,

Anisha Jeya Dipna S

Linz Technologies | Premium Zoho Partner

Sure thing @anisha
I do not have a link to their support team, but in the documentation you are following to set up the integration, you should be able to find links to their DevSuppor team