Issue with userInfo.unread and meetingService.activeShareUserID()

I am using the latest SDK to make a custom integration of zoom and I noticed that userInfo.unread stopped working. I always get 0 even when there are new messages.
Also meetingService.activeShareUserID() is equal to UInt.max when nobody is sharing whiich doesn’t align with onSinkMeetingActiveShare:Int in ShareServiceDelegate which gives 0 when nobody is sharing.


Hi @nicolas.bonnet,

Thanks for the post. Let me forward this to the engineering team and get back to you.


Hi @nicolas.bonnet,

Regarding your questions:

1). userInfo.unread – We are able to identify an issue with the userInfo.unread and we will fix it in the future release.
2) when no one is sharing – When no one is sharing, the meetingService.activeShareUserID() should return -1 and onSinkMeetingActiveShare:Int will return 0:

 @brief Callback event when the share starts.
 @param userID The user ID of presenter.
 @warning userID == 0, which means that the user stopped sharing.

We will enhance this part and make them return the same value.

Thanks for pointing these out! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer,
Just a little note: this value is an unsigned int so -1 will be return as UInt.max. This is a pretty easy check to do on your API, if -1 is returned then the iOS SDK will no be adapted for it.

Do you have an idea when is the next iOS release?


Thanks Nicolas. We are targeting to have a release around 06/30.

Hi @Carson_Chen,

I am using the new SDK 5.0 on iOS and the 2 issues reported above can still be reproduced.