ActiveShareView Bug report

I am using the iOS Meeting SDK. I tried to add the ActiveShareView in my App to show the current sharing content. Only a black screen shown.

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?
From 5.7.6 to 5.11.3 (will try 5.11.10 later)

To Reproduce(If applicable)

Either Single View / Share Screen have the same behaviour )

I have been susses to show the ActiveShareView with below step :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:

  1. Host/the participant share some view first
  2. User use my add to enter the meeting (ActiveShareView not shown, since I haven’t add checking while user joining the meeting)
  3. Host/the participant “Stop Share”
    3.1 the onSinkMeetingActiveShare is Called, and return 0 (it is a expected response)
  4. Host/the participant share again
  5. In my app, the ActiveShareView show properly.
    5.1 onSinkMeetingActiveShare called, I called showactiveShare in this callback (checked the userID is right, and the below failed method is using the same way to get the userID)
    5.2 onSinkMeetingShareReceiving, onSinkSharingStatus, onSinkShareSizeChange called as well

In normal way (fail to show the ActiveShareView) :x: :x:

  1. Host/the participant and the user using my app in the meeting
  2. Host/the participant start share
    2.1 onSinkMeetingActiveShare had been called
    2.2 Called the showActiveShare in the callback as same as above
    2.3 onSinkMeetingShareReceiving, onSinkSharingStatus, onSinkShareSizeChange didn’t call
  3. The activeShareView show black screen, and no error msg or log shown


Picture of Success

The small rectangle in the middle is the ActiveShareView.

Picture of Failure

Troubleshooting Routes
I followed many post on the forum, but still got same result.

I believed that this bug exist for a while
showActiveShare doesn't appear

Tried the demo code provided by Michael
iOS : Zoom custom UI cannot able to see the screen shared by the host - #10 by Michael_Condon

Tried DispatchQueue.main.async

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: iPhone 11 and above
  • OS: iOS and iPadOS 12 and above till 15.6.1 (not include 16.0 beta)

Thank you.

onSinkSharingStatus : 4 if success
onSinkSharingStatus : 2 if fail

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