Issue with web sdk and JWT token expiring

I have using zoom web sdk with version of 1.7.8. I need to disable the invite option for both host and the participants. I have used the parameter disableinvite in the init function and tried with ZoomMtg.showInviteFunction({
show: false
}); also. It does disable invite function for host but not for participants.

The other issue i’m facing is with the jwt token. The jwt in the JWT app is default for 90 minutes. Couldn’t able to set the expiration time jwt token using other option. I have tried to create the code manually using website, but still the same problem occurs. I need the JWT token to get the recordings from zoom cloud and to download it. Since, it is expiring i couldn’t get the recordings all the time.

Which version?
web sdk 1.7.8


Issue1 - As you can see the first screenshot doesn’t have the host invite option, but the attendees can invite other participants.

Issue2 - Attendees cannot download the recordings from zoom cloud.

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I did work with the client on this issue. Please, see other screenshot attached where attendees are unable to download meeting recording.