Issue with ZRCUserChangedEventJoinedMeeting & others


I am currently using beta 11 Mac OS.

When a participant joins or leaves the meeting ZRCUserChangedEventJoinedMeeting &  ZRCUserChangedEventLeftMeeting do not fire. Currently the only one that works is ZRCUserChangedEventUserInfoUpdated. Let me know if its just me or a bug. 




Yes, this is a bug in beta 11; more details on the issue are here:–RESOLVED-Participants-exiting-or-adding-issue

We are pushing out a beta_12 with the fix.



I have updated to beta 12 and the bug is still present.

When a participant joins or leaves the meeting the event is showing as “None” instead of ZRCUserChangedEventJoinedMeeting or ZRCUserChangedEventLeftMeeting.

When joining/leaving the meeting the event line:

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 event: None

Can anyone confirm this bug?




It turns out that this is expected behavior. Details are here:

Actually, there was a related bug: the person who leaves was still being shown as a participant when the

zCommand Call ListParticipants

command was called. That bug was fixed. However, the issue with ZRCUserChangedEventLeftMeeting and ZRCUserChangedEventUserInfoUpdated turns out to be expected behavior.