[RESOLVED] Participants exiting or adding issue

I made a meeting and had my cell phone join.  I left and still the ZRC is showing two participants in the meeting.


I joined again and still it shows three people because it is assigning three unique IDs and not purging the participants out of the list when they leave:


Tue, 09 Jan 2018 13:06:43 EST

ZoomRooms - SSH Response     

"*r ListParticipantsResult (status=OK):

*r ListParticipantsResult resultInfo TotalRows: 3

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 user_name: David Home

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 user_id: 16778241

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 is_host: on

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 is_myself: on

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 can_record: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 is_recording: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 avatar_url: https://zoom.us/p/Leyr3lcrTcyctWk3h7BO8g/067a1847-6d4e-4279-9add-ee3d8ebcdadf-1162

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 local_recording_disabled: on

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 is_video_can_mute_byHost: on

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 is_video_can_unmute_byHost: on

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 isCohost: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 user_type: NORMAL

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 audio_status type: AUDIO_VOIP

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 audio_status state: AUDIO_MUTED

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 video_status has_source: on

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 video_status is_sending: on

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 video_status is_receiving: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 camera_status can_i_request_control: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 camera_status am_i_controlling: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 camera_status can_switch_camera: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 camera_status can_move_camera: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 camera_status can_zoom_camera: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 1 event: None

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 user_name: David R

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 user_id: 16779265

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 is_host: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 is_myself: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 can_record: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 is_recording: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 avatar_url: https://zoom.us/p/c_NPRXWmR5–ZqjHTswPiQ/d050f19d-0a82-4830-9912-88a319f95cd2-3056

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 local_recording_disabled: on

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 is_video_can_mute_byHost: on

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 is_video_can_unmute_byHost: on

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 isCohost: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 user_type: NORMAL

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 audio_status type: AUDIO_VOIP

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 audio_status state: AUDIO_MUTED

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 video_status has_source: on

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 video_status is_sending: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 video_status is_receiving: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 camera_status can_i_request_control: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 camera_status am_i_controlling: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 camera_status can_switch_camera: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 camera_status can_move_camera: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 camera_status can_zoom_camera: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 2 event: None

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 user_name: David R

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 user_id: 16780289

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 is_host: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 is_myself: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 can_record: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 is_recording: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 avatar_url: https://zoom.us/p/c_NPRXWmR5–ZqjHTswPiQ/d050f19d-0a82-4830-9912-88a319f95cd2-3056

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 local_recording_disabled: on

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 is_video_can_mute_byHost: on

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 is_video_can_unmute_byHost: on

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 isCohost: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 user_type: NORMAL

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 audio_status type: AUDIO_VOIP

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 audio_status state: AUDIO_UNMUTED

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 video_status has_source: on

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 video_status is_sending: on

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 video_status is_receiving: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 camera_status can_i_request_control: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 camera_status am_i_controlling: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 camera_status can_switch_camera: on

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 camera_status can_move_camera: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 camera_status can_zoom_camera: off

*r ListParticipantsResult 3 event: None"

We added a fix for this. The bug number is ZOOM-34339. The fix will be in the next beta build.

Thanks for the fix on the participant cache.  This was a big bug.

I’m still noticing this issue in the windows version, was it only fixed for the mac version?

This bug was fixed only in the Mac Version. We’ll push out a beta version for Windows with the fix.

Excellent work Scott.  You Rock!