Participants List


first of I’m working with the Windows beta release ver. zoomroom.5.0.42440.0102.44491067.

I’m having a problem receiving accurate participant information from the API. I’m not receiving asynchronous notifications when participant leaves the meeting.

When someone joins the meeting the asynchronous reply repeats 3 times and does not include the Result number " *r ListParticipantsResult user_id: ".When I start a PMI meeting I receive “*r ListParticipantsResult 1 user_id:” 

My test included 3 participants, after one left there was no notification and after running “zCommand Call ListParticipants”, the list still came back with 3 participants.

Is there something I’m missing or maybe since this is beta it’s just not finished yet? I do have all the CLI communication saved in text file, if you need it. 



This is a known bug: ZOOM-34339. It was fixed on the Mac version, but not the Windows version. The latest Windows version, beta 11, still has the bug. The bug is planned to be fixed in the next Windows beta version, but we don’t have a time frame for it. There was some discussion of the bug here:


Thanks for the prompt reply.