Issues with Video SDK on various browsers on Web

We’re experiencing various issues with Web VideoSDK some are random, others are permanent (like issues with Firefox). Does anything know how to deal with it?

Zoom sdk issues (“@zoom/videosdk”: 1.7.0)

  1. Random issue. After two users join a session, there is no sound. Enabling or disabling the microphone doesn’t help. Test combinations: It occurred between the Chrome (desktop) + Chrome (mobile) browsers, Firefox (desktop) + Safari (desktop) browsers, Chrome (desktop) + Safari (mobile) browsers.
  • Frequency - random issue
  1. In the Firefox browser (version 113.0.2, 64-bit), video is not displayed during the session. Screenshot/video: firefox_3svw4tf5Tc.png - Google Drive
  • Frequency - permanent issue
  1. When sharing the screen in Chrome → Chrome Tab, the “Share tab video” checkbox is enabled by default. If the user leaves it as is and clicks Share during the session it mutes the microphone and the second user hears only the sound from the browser. Expected result: there should be sound from both the browser and the user sharing the screen.
    chrome_zBNNJ4geg8.png - Google Drive
  • Frequency - permanent issue

Hey @stepancookiedev

Thanks for your feedback.

  1. Audio issue. Could you share the SessionID that has issues with us for troubleshooting?

  2. Firefox video issue: Is there any error on the console? Are you enabling SharedArrayBuffer on Firefox?

  3. Starting from Video SDK Web 1.7.0, the stream. startShareScreen method can accept the displaySurface option to specify the default screen when starting sharing.

Also starting from Video SDK Web 1.7.5, Video SDK is able to support tab audio and microphone works

We provide an API to detect the feature. stream.isSupportMicrophoneAndShareAudioSimultaneously()


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