[Web SDK 2.3.5] Share screen with shared system audio - audio does not switch to the new Chrome Tab being shared


When “Chrome Tab” is selected in screen sharing and “Share system audio” is enabled, system audio does not switch when the shared tab is switched from the original tab to another tab on the chrome browser.

[Steps to Reproduce]

  1. Host: Join the meeting from PC A
  2. Guest: Join the same meeting from PC B
  3. Host: Start Chrome Tab screen sharing a youtube video (Tab A) with Share System Audio enabled. Make sure the audio is playing.
  4. Guest: Confirm that the system audio from PC A > Tab A can be heard
  5. Host: Pause the video on Tab A then open another chrome tab (Tab B) and play another youtube video. Click on the “Share this tab instead” button
  6. Guest: Confirm that the system audio from PC A > Tab B can be heard
  7. Host: Pause the video on Tab B and play again the video on Tab A
  8. Guest: Confirm that no system audio should be heard since Tab B video is paused

[Expected Result]

The guest should be able to hear the system audio from Tab B instead of Tab A at step 6 of the above procedure

[Actual Result]

Only the system audio from the 1st chrome tab can be heard by the other user even after switching tabs.

[Additional info]

  • can be reproduced with Zoom Meeting SDK sample app (reactJs one)
  • Chrome browser latest version
  • Any OS
  • Web SDK 2.3.5

This really looks like a bug, either on Chrome, or on the Zoom SDK.
Can you please verify it ?



According to the support, this is something to work on so that the SDK can support it.
Can you please confirm and give us a feedback here ?

Thanks for the tag,@nvivot! I believe this is maybe directly related to the browser, curious to know if you (or our support) tried any Chrome audio troubleshooting steps? Audio problems for Chrome are a very common issue and it sounds like our SDK team is reviewing it and scoping it in relation to other initiatives. Would you be able to elaborate on what our support shared? Also, I kindly ask for more details on the workflow you are looking to accomplish with SDK? I am happy to share the above with our SDK team for consideration and feedback.


Unfortunately i cannot just accept a “believe” or “maybe”. Last time we got this kind of feedback was for the Chrome 100 issue with the Zoom SDKs and i don’t want to do this again and waste my time. At some point it’s also Zoom’s responsibility to check directly with Chrome the compatibility between the Zoom SDK and chrome new features rather than us - the client of the Zoom SDK. It’s your product, you develop it, you maintain it, you have the knowledge to know what should be address by you or by Chrome, not us.

That being said, in the current case, what we expect is very simple: that the system audio shared from a Chrome tab is audible through the Zoom meeting during the screen share, even when switching between multiple tabs.

As explained on the ticket or reported here, here is what we expect:

  • Chrome (i have no idea about other browsers since we exclusively use Chrome) offer the ability to share the system audio when doing a Chrome tab share (screen share, then tab option)
  • When initiating the tab share with the share audio checkbox checked, then the audio is audible on the zoom meeting (if you are sharing a tab playing a youtube video for example, then other participants can hear the audio from the shared youtube)
  • Chrome recently introduced an option while sharing a Chrome tab to switch the share to another tab (instead of stopping the current share, then restarting the share on the other tab, you can directly in one operation switch between the browser’s tabs you want to share)

But with this new option:

  • OK: the screen (e.g video share) is correctly switching to the new tab on the zoom meeting.
  • KO: the system audio become inaudible after switching to the new tab even if this new tab is also playing another youtube video (for the example). We expect the audio of the newly youtube tab to be shared and audible in the Zoom meeting for other participants in the same way it was for the previous tab before switching.

Is it clear enough / understandable ?

Since you are the owner and maintainer of the Zoom technology, and since we provided the scenario to reproduce the exact issue within your Zoom sample web application, we expect you to reproduce the issue and see where the problem occurs.

  • Is the audio not being streamed on the Zoom meeting after switching tabs because of an issue on the browser itself, or on the Zoom component managing the source of the audio ? Only you can find this.
  • Depending on your finding, we expect you to directly open a bug report to Chrome team with your findings so that Chrome can fix it, or to fix the issue / support the use case in the Zoom SDK if this is coming from the SDK.

Hope you understand our point of view on how things should be done. Don’t hesitate to share your.



Thank you for all the details here, and sorry for the inconvenience. I understand why the "Share this tab instead " feature is important for you and have shared your feedback with our SDK team. We’ve been facing some other priorities recently that didn’t allow us enough time to implement and test this feature stability.

That aside, I see attention was called to this in a previous post. In checking our system, I also was able to locate the initial support ticket associated with this feature request, which helped bring context. I can confirm that "Share this tab instead " is not supported by our SDK at this time, but it is in the backlog [ZOOM-343296]. I’ve updated the open internal ticket with this post so our engineers have all records of this request handy. While no timeline is set, please let us know if you would like to share anything else. I am happy to continue following up with our SDK team for updates on this as well.

As always, thank you for working with us and for taking the time to share your feedback.

With Care,

Ok, thank you for clarifying this point with us.

We will wait for you to support it and will communicate about this with our users so that they refrain using it til it’s fully supported by the SDK.

Please keep this post open with a regular update when you have this scheduled on your side, even if it’s for a release in 3 months, at least we know what to expect.

Thank you.

No, problem @nvivot! This post will remain open and I will communicate updates as they become available.


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