ISV and API integration

Hi all,

My company develops an ERP and wants to integrate Zoom video/voice meeting features into the learning module of our web/mobile apps. Multiple live lessons (= zoom meeting) could occurs at the same time.

Instructors hosts, manage and schedule live sessions
Learners participates to live sessions and do not host sessions

  1. Let’s say that we have 5 regular instructors, and that they might sometimes give lessons at the same time? Could we opt for the PRO Zoom Meetings Plan?

  2. If we have multiple freelance instructors (more than 10), what is the best solution, considering the fact that they don’t use their account full time.

  3. Is it possible for users to register directly from the ERP? Or should the register from Zoom app/website?

  4. Is it possible for users with free accounts to access a Zoom meeting without limitation?

Thanks all in advance!

Hey @Myself,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.

  1. Yes, separate users can host meetings at the same time

  2. The best solution is to purchase licenses for all users. If cost is a factor you can look into assigning licenses dynamically using our Update a User API.

  3. You can use the Create a User API or SSO to provision users from your application

  4. No, free users will have meeting capacity inherited from the account but meeting duration limits remain: Zoom user types & roles – Zoom Help Center

Let me know if that helps.


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