ISV and NDA for Marketplace App

Hello there!
I’m an Engineering Manager at SugarMarket, and my team is building an integration for Zoom Webinars.
We have almost prepared an app for Zoom Marketplace submission, and while discussing that, It seems we need 2 items from you, which I’ve been notified from Engineering Leadership:

  • ISV agreement? Do we need to get it from you and apply/sign? Do we need it in the first place? Since it’s just a Marketplace app, my bet is that we don’t need to apply
  • Someone from your side who can sign an NDA with us, because SOC2 compliance requires that

Could you please tell me if we got both things correct (or maybe there is something else) how we all can achieve action items and what’s the estimate?
Appreciate your help in advance!

P.S. I have contacted support regarding both items and they navigated me here, hope I’m right where needed!

Hi Vladimir,

I will send you a DM now with more information about these two points.


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