It's been over a year and the Zoom plugin for HCL Notes still doesn't work with Notes V11

The zoom plugin for HCL Notes (formerly IBM Notes, formerly Lotus Notes) (download and description here:

does not work with Notes version 11. This version has been out for well over a year and version 12 is about to be released. What are you waiting for?

The installer does not update the mail template to add the functionality in Notes to create meetings from the calendar.

Which App?
zoom plugin for Notes

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Try to install App. Nothing happens. If installed on V10 and then upgrade Notes to V11, it has been reported to work. But it does not install on V11.

Screenshots (If applicable)

Additional context
This is causing great problems trying to roll this out to my users at my company and for companies around the world who use Notes and Zoom. As an IBM Champion and HCL Ambassador, I am closely connected with the development team at HCL. I can introduce you to them if it will help. We need this fixed quickly. You should also be working with HCL in their beta software program to ensure it will work with V12 which is soon to be released.

Hey @david.hablewitz,

Let me check to see the current state of this plugin. :slight_smile: (ZOOM-208591)


Any word? I’m looking for an update to give to my management. They are looking at going to the new HCL Sametime as a better integration.

Hey @david.hablewitz,

No update yet. I will let you know as soon as I have one. We are looking into the issue. :slight_smile:


We are very interested in this answer as well as we have a client who reported the issue with HCL Notes 11 to us.

Before I tell them it will not work in Notes 11, is there any further update? Something a bit more hopeful?

Thanks to David for posting this.


Hey @msmith1,

I do not have an update for you yet. I will get back to you as soon as possible. :slight_smile:


I’d like an answer to this as well. Won’t work on V11

Hey @frank_sinclair,

We are working on fixing this, and updating our support docs to mention it does not work on v11.

Thanks for your patience,

Great. Also, version 12 is about to be released. Hopefully you will quickly follow up to make Zoom work with the new version too. We will need both.

Happy to help @david.hablewitz! :slight_smile:

I will keep this thread updated with this development.


We are in the Same boat here. Version 11 is not working. installs Zoom successfully but with no icon.
Could it be as simple as it might not be pointing to new directory since HCL Notes newer installs are in an HCL folder

We are using Zoom successfully within Notes via a pretty simple workaround
Pre Req: Setup all Zoom rooms with hardcoded rooms so they dont change

  1. In the users Notes calendar - create an online meeting room of type ‘other’ and paste in the hardcoded URL for the Zoom meeting for that user
  2. If you have conference units running zoom like we do then do the same for that resource
  3. When creating a meeting select the online meeting room and the recipients will get the URL to click on and join the meeting
    With the Sametime V11 client you can also put in the hardcoded meeting URL so from within chat you can jump straight to a zoom conference just by clicking the Video button in the chat session, great if you don’t roll our SameTime premium!
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Hey @Robert.Read,

Thanks for sharing your work around! :slight_smile:

@lberthiaume, thanks for the feedback, we are working to get. version 11 working.


Hope Rooms will work with the Plugin, too.
Is there a date for the new version.

HCL will push there own chat Sametime.
The new version use Jitsi for video.

Hey @n.tallerico,

Thanks for your interest. We do not have a date to share yet.


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Hey @n.tallerico , @Robert.Read , @lberthiaume , @david.hablewitz , @frank_sinclair , @msmith1 ,

We have finished the update for supporting Notes v11. Please try again on Monday after our release.


Tommy, that is good news! I will get a blog post ready to share it to the HCL Notes community. If you have any details you want to share with me to include in the post, (like instructions, documentation, or a link directly to the download) please share here or send me an email directly to my Zoom account email address. I have heard from many people who need this. Thanks!

Also, I hope you have updated the documentation to correctly name it so people can find it if they search for it. As of Notes V11, it is HCL Notes, not IBM Notes.