Join meeting using encrypted password


in my mobile app, in order to join the meeting without the need for manually inserting the password, I pass it as parameter in the join primitive, joinMeetingWithNumber in Android and joinMeetingWithDictionary in iOS.

Obviously, I use the numeric password to do it, but I’d need to know if is possible to use the encrypted password included in the invitation URL in order to join the meeting, directly as primitive calling parameter or indirectly by using the encrypted password to retrieve the numeric password.

Which version?
iOS: v4.6.15805.0403
Android: v4.6.15801.0403

Additional context
The meeting creator compiles a web form with meeting parameters, like meeting number and password. Submitting such form, the parameters are sent as push notification/deep link to mobile devices. The present post aims to simplify the procedure of inserting too much parameters in the form, easing the meeting creator job.

Hi luigi.manco,

Thanks for the post and sharing the idea. If you are referring to the encrypted password that is in the invitation URL pwd=xxxxxxx, you could pass that in the meetingPassword parameter and our SDK will be able to handle the password.

Hope this helps. Thanks!