Can join meeting by URL

I want to add join to the meeting by URL in my app, not by passcode and meeting id.

Hi @sundus_abjw, thanks for using our SDK.

The Android SDK does provide the ability to pass a meeting URL in to join instead of the meeting number and password, however this may limit your ability to customize the meeting experience. We strongly recommend parsing the join URL through Uri.parse() or something similar, then retrieving the meeting number and password through the query parameters.

If you would still like to take this approach, you may join a meeting through MeetingService.handZoomWebUrl().


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Thank @jon.lieblich for the replay,
I have another issue, can start a meeting between two clints or more without login and without meeting id and passcode in Android SDK?

Hi @sundus_abjw,

Please see our recently updated meeting security requirements.

Additionally, there is no way to join a meeting without a meeting number. Every meeting you join is uniquely identified by the meeting number.

Our recently announced Fully Customizable SDK may be closer to the functionality you are looking for, but it has not yet been released for public use.


Hey, I can’t find this handZoomWebUrl method in android sdk docs. Is it authentic way to use this method to join room with meeting link from android?

Hi, thanks for using the dev forum.

The handZoomWebUrl method can be called directly on the MeetingService instance. All you need to do is pass in the join URL as a String.


Is there a way I can identify the meeting is webinar before joining it?


Since the Client SDK is more focused around the in-meeting experience, I would recommend using the REST API for this. If you have any questions around using it, please feel free to post over in #api-and-webhooks. :slightly_smiling_face: