Join meetings and webinars with the Meeting SDK JWT

  • Due to the use of authorization verification:
    Note: Meeting SDK sessions with authentication require a ZAK token to join meetings

  • So I use the following method to join the meeting

  sdkKey: sdkKey,
  signature: signature, // role in SDK Signature needs to be 1
  meetingNumber: meetingNumber,
  passWord: passWord,
  userName: userName,
  zak: zakToken, // the host's zak token
  success: (success) => {
  error: (error) => {
  • expect:

    • When I use role = 1, enter the meeting as the host
    • When I use role = 0, enter the meeting as a participant
  • result:

    • Anyone can be a moderator

Excuse me, does this conform to what Zak was designed for!

there are two different cases

  • Meeting SDK app and the meeting are in the same account
    → host & participant can enter without a zakToken

  • Meeting SDK app and the meetings are in different accounts
    → host needs zakToken to enter, participant not

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Thank you for your answer, I think I have to change the plan

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